poetry - n. 1: writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rythmn 2 a: a quality that stirs the imagination b: a quality of spontaneity and grace

Name: dthaase

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Dream

with Christopher & Benjamin

We would row a flat-bottomed boat on the wings of Silver Lake –
              Circle the belly of this open sanctuary
(Harboring the likes of speckled trout and painted turtles)
              Steer north to the island heart –
Where canopied green adventure awaits sure feet,
              Boat settling in sand—
Minds trawling the mysteries of water, air, and land.


Blogger mexikids said...

I really like this one. It reminds me of summer camp as a boy at Honey Rock. Our cabin would paddle to cranberry island (or some name like that) and it was always an adventure.

4:00 PM  

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