Interlude: a SPiKE Poem

Every dog has a history, this you should know,
Especially a dog who has wandered from home.
Now the adventuring dog is the most fun to find
As when he is loved his stories unwind –
So in loving dear SPiKE some stories have come
As we've talked at siesta under Mexican sun.
I'd give a scratch and he'd give howls
As he told me of all his adventurous miles –

Like the time when SPiKE saved a boy at the beach
And the mayor of there gave a toast and a speech:
This I believe to be the greatest of beasts
To give of himself and accomplish such feats.
Then the mayor declared the day be named "SPiKE"
In remembrance of him and his courage in life.

Then there's that time before leaving from Texas
When SPiKE was out wandering just after breakfast;
He heard a strange noise, put his snout in the air,
Discovered a scent that should not have been there,
Then running on over to see this strange smell,
He found a fire beginning to swell.
Fast as a jet he took off in a run –
Alerted his master to hurry and come.
The fields of crops were saved that day
Because of a dog who was unable to stay.

Then there's this tale I'm fond to hear told –
The one that SPiKE barks about digging for gold.
He was up in the mountains in Washington state;
Seeking adventure while staying up late,
He came across miners cooking up stew,
Talking about gold and the things they would do.
He lived there for months and nothing was found
Till that day he was digging and there in the ground
SPiKE wrestled a rock up out of the earth –
Little did he know how much it was worth.

Then there's the story – a poet's delight –
A contest of limericks recited one night.
He was over in Ireland, which is another whole tale,
Making dear friends at the Bessy & Ale.
A local gathering of artsy types
Had gathered together, sharing their plights.
Drawing from some of his own painful past,
SPiKE shared his poem about a lost lass.
But it was the limerick that brought him his fame
And all over Ireland they now know his name.
Here is the limerick; I'll share it with you,
So next time you're there you can say you know who...
There was a young pup named Sneezy
Who would sneeze when it was breezy
One day his "Achoo"
Gave the whole town the flu
Now when he's seen he gets queasy.
The tales I have heard from this adventurous dog
I decided to write in my adventuring log.

This is a taste of what will be coming –
Adventure, adventure, and more of SPiKE running!

poem by Dan Haase
:: read more of his poetry at Articulation ::


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