Sunday, November 30, 2008
Salta de Alegria?

Saturday's intensive course lasted 7-hours but in classic youth ministry style we tried to keep it fun and varied.

One of the highlights was Flavio & Andrea Calvo's presentation about Salta de Alegria, an incredibly creative program they founded that has helped hundreds of kids and spawned a growing church, the Gospel according to the Simpsons, a public school sex and sexuality series and a grassroots guerrilla marketing campaign.

Andrea & Flavio (left side)

We had invited them to talk about Youth and Culture because they are masters at using the language of popular culture to communicate the gospel and other eternal truths. Flavio and Andrea's part was even better than we expected because their stories - besides being inspiring - reinforced the principals we'd been teaching earlier in the day.

After 40 years of seeing God coordinate things like that it continues to amazes me.


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