Friday, November 14, 2008

LAGrAm. is one of the reasons Buenos Aires is a good place for a youth ministry institute. Still true to its name over 25 years after it was founded, this “Group of friends and Leaders of Adolescents” (acronym) organizes interdenominational camps and activites throughout the year for all ages from pre-teens to young adults.

The three other members of the staff on the EJ Institute launch team grew up in LAGrAm and still volunteer there, several of our faculty members have roots in LAGrAm, and I’m sure many of our students will come from the LAGrAm community as well.

Although we’ve been friends with the directors for years, we’d never participated in one of their events until last weekend when we given five hours to work with the fifty leaders who had brought their jr. high kids to PLAF.

Click here for a quick slideshow and 24 second video that'll give you a feel for the event. What you cannot see however is that the temperature was in the 90s, the humidity index in the 70s and the only thing to cool us all down was one fan and the gracious donation of ice cream bars for everyone.


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