Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The theme of this year's international youth leaders convention in Guatemala is Supernatural. And we get to be a part of it!

training in Mexico - Feb. 2001

Ten years ago any of us developing youth leaders in Latin America would have thought it was incredible that 500 youth leaders could be convened anywhere in the region. But this Friday, Saturday and Sunday we get to lead workshops and forums at a training event with 2500 youth leaders, and this is just one of many... not even the largest of them.

youth leaders convention in Guatemala 2006

Remembering how far youth ministry has come in the last 15 years really does highlight the supernatural aspect of what is going on. It also reminds Annette and me how much we can't do this alone. We have chosen a life that requires dependence on God and interdependence with friends who pray for us, are willing to maintain friendships even at a distance and support our work economically. We couldn't do it without you...nor would we want to.
Thank you.


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