Thursday, March 17, 2005
These People Can Sing!

(click here for full-size photo of Anuak singers)

We took this photo and then recorded them singing. It's pretty amazing.
Listen to the live recording of these very singers: short version | full length

A highlights of our time in Ethiopia was the opportunity to worship in an Anuak church service. Annette's father, Dr. Paul Baumann, worked as a missionary doctor with the Anuak people in the later 50's and early 60's...he was the first doctor they'd ever had. We were not able to travel to Gambela - their region of Ethiopia - because of genocidal violence (search ANUAK on Google), however many Anauks live in Addis Ababa and we visited them at their Mekene Yesus church.

We had the opportunity to talk with them in depth about their situation and needs. As a result of these conversations Annette's family has raised, and continues to raise, funds for:

  • orphans in Gambela state (due to AIDS and the fighting in the region)
  • medicine & staff at the only medical clinic in the entire state. (An American nurse just returned from an investigative trip into Gambela to visit the clinic and see what their present needs are...there is not even one doctor in the entire state.)
  • Bibles for the Anuak and Nuer seminary students most of whom can't afford one (Nuer's are another tribal group in western Ethiopia).


At 12:27 AM, Blogger ajulu said...

hella this is amazing. i am so happy to hear this song. can you post more anuak music.thanks


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