Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Today Annette's older sister arrived in Wichita (she lives outside of N.Y.C) As i mentioned a couple of days ago, Annette's being at her family's home is a birthday surprise for both Annette's father and sister. Her Dad got his big surprise two days ago (see note from Sept. 30) - today it was her sister's moment to receive her "Annette birthday package". The following is part of an IM chat between Annette and I about the surprise moment:

Annette: "Bethel Ann was so surprised - it was great!"

Tim: "Yea! How'd she react - do tell!"

Annette: "I hid behind a column at the airport and mother was waiting for her when she came out... they hugged and then I popped out with a bow around my neck and she was totally shocked, hugged me and almost cried."

Tim: "You had a bow around your neck!? How funny - I'll bet the airport security watching you on some hidden camera got a kick out of that. So, were you a little self-conscious with the bow around you neck?"

Annette: "A bit :-) - especially walking into the hospital on monday afternoon to surprise my Dad. Somehow at the airport it seems a bit more normal... or at least, understandable."

Tim: "uh, right.. that's like when i have my zipper down at the airport it doesn't embarrass me (ha ha)."

Annette: "Silly boy" :-)


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