Tuesday, October 28, 2003

This sense of joy and pride... it must be how parents feel when their kids surpass them.

Last weekend a few of the youth leaders into whom we've invested our lives over the past 7 years did just that.. they surpassed us. They - not us - were invite to do a youth leaders training event. They organized and taught two days of seminars. It was wonderful and they received lot's of good feedback from those in attendance.

We were barely involved at all and never up front. We just helped serve food during the breaks.

Did we feel left out, forgotten, or obsolete? Not at all. On the contrary... this was the culmination of our work with local youth leaders; the final stage of the "i do it, you watch... i do it, you help... you do it, i help... you do it, i watch" process that we teach.


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