Tuesday, October 21, 2003

If you tell a kid, "mankind is a fallen creature, but God loves us and offers expiation, redemption and justification through Jesus Christ" you're just wasting your breath.... do you think those words really have an impact?

But tell about a father who does his best to love his child, who gives until it hurts... but that child laughs, takes off, blows the money and humiliates the father and family... after screwing it up and ending up in a spring break beach resort turning tricks in exchange for food money or a high, the kid wakes up one morning wondering, "what the *$??! have i done to my life"... calls home and hears Dad's voice say, "Is that you?! I've missed you so much. I've been trying to find you. I love you... please come home. All is forgiven... forgotten."

Now that story has more of a chance of truly communicating. For exactly that reason, we are investing in a writing contest via our web site - $300 dollars to best retelling of the prodigal son parable. Together with a youth organization in Spain, we'll turn the story into an short-form animation for online and CD distribution.

Annette took 8 days to research and write up an explanation of the "why" behind this contest... a kind of mision statement. It's excellent + it's illustrated. Take a look at it here=> [Best - Adobe .PDF] or [Good - Word format]


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