poetry - n. 1: writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rythmn 2 a: a quality that stirs the imagination b: a quality of spontaneity and grace

Name: dthaase

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I. The Beautiful Uncomfortable

after Vincent van Gogh’s “The Potato Eaters
for Skye

Drawn into the orbit of potato eaters –
Circling in near darkness—
Gaze upon gaze
rings under eyes
shadowed by the lit center –
I travel through the terrain of their knuckles
raised and knobbed like old mountains;
their faces, swollen tubers rooted in the hard life.

The gold on the table?
Merely resplendent potatoes.

listen to the poem read, click here


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