Tuesday, July 21, 2009
First Journal Entry Upon Arriving Home

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We drove through the empty streets of Buenos Aires under a bright grey sky along street lined with grey-brown tree trunks with grey light coming down through brown leaves onto the pavement. There is a paleness to the city in winter. It's not unpleasant o unattractive, just somehow muted and reminding me of bones (structure without life).

[Note: I think I want more color on our apartment walls]

I was still zoned when we got off the plane. I had my eyes half-closed on the ride from the airport. I walked into the house, crawled under the covers and slept for 5 hours. Now I'm here in the stillness before life gets going again - the place in between the trip and the start of the institutes in 13 days. And life here is good - peaceful knowing that God has been so faithful to RaĆ­ces - doing more than we could ask or imagine through it - and confident that the institutes don't depend on us.

Thank you, Father, for all that and please help me live in this knowledge.


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