Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Annette's First Half

Annette finished her 1st half-marathon.
She got the medal but i got the kiss!

She finished the 13.1 miles (21 kms) in 2 hours and
wasn't even out of breath (really). Another thing
that made it so great, Memo and Janelle were at
the finish line to help celebrate.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Fall... forward

You know winter is right around the corner when
…everyone around you has on scarves and boots.
…the golden leaves of a few weeks ago have all fallen off.
…the heaters are all on.
…you drink coffee for the warmth not the flavor.

I still think like someone from the northern hemisphere (May = warm weather) and the days have been so sunny that I go outside in short sleeves and am surprised by how crisp the weather is. Despite our hemispherical vertigo, we've had a number of pleasant surprises lately:

A vist by Tom & Betsy Bloxham from Wichita, Ks.

Running into friends around town (remember this is a city of 13 million people, and we know about 30 of them)
Hanging out with the Youth Specialties office staff.

A visit by OC’s pastoral couple, Ralph and Joyce Anderson. We’ve known each other since 1994 and greatly value their friendship and wisdom (not to mention the gifts and excuse to be tourists around town).

If you're in the mood for seeing more pics of life where it's fall in May and eating beef is an inalienable right, we've got some up on (scroll to the bottom for the latest).

How to Cure Frustration

"So have you started working yet?" People have asked us this question quite a bit over the past few months. The short answer would be "Yes." The more accurate answer is that we never stopped working, even though at first it felt like we couldn't get traction and were getting disheartened. However, the last couple of weeks there is a definite feeling of momentum. Here's an update on some of the projects we're in the middle of.

(click on the logo above to visit the explanatory web site)

Instituto Especialidades Juveniles- This brought us to Buenos Aires and will absorb a major part of our time once classes start in March of '09. Until then we're on the launch committee, which means we do whatever has to be done. Last week we met with the director of the school we're partnering with - the one that will provide the academic accreditation - and it went even better than we'd hoped.

Raices - We recently spent time putting the finishing touches on the textbook that should be going to print any day now. In the next few weeks we'll be working with the designer to get the web page with the animated classes up and running, just in time for the summer conferences where members of the Raices team will be teaching around 1500 youth workers from this material.

Lider Juvenil (Youth Worker Journal in Spanish ) - Youth work in Latin America finally has its own professional journal and Annette is a columnist (see her name there on the right hand side), which hearkens back to a conversation she had years ago: "I majored in Spanish and Professional Writing in college and got a masters degree in Theology. What on earth will i do with those? Write about theology in Spanish??" Apparently the answer ended up being... yes.

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