Adios Mexico - our itinerary

Sat. 11th
·     Continued sorting and packing of dribs and drabs around the house with Tim’s parents (Roger & Joy)
·     Farewell lunch/afternoon with Casasola family (family and grandparents of Nahum)

Sunday 12th
·     Farewell time at church service (note: bring lots of Kleenex)
·     Farewell luncheon at church
·     Last time to eat our favorite tacos (they’re closed Mon. & Tue.)
Monday 13th
·     Pick up Kyle & Nell Stiff at airport (arriving from OC team in Guatemala)
·     Farewell team dinner
Tuesday 14th
·     Take Roger and Joy to airport
·     Pick up Hill and Susan Davis (arriving from Colombia, SC)
Wednesday 15th
·     Pack car
·     Figure out what to do with what doesn’t fit in the car :-)
·     Go to U2 concert in Mexico City with Kyle, Nell, Hill & Susan
Thursday 16th
·     Drive from Mexico City to Monterrey, Mexico where we’ll stay with a girl from our youth group who now lives there
Friday 17th, Saturday 18th
·     Drive from Monterrey to Wichita, KS, crossing border, temporarily importing car, etc.
Sunday 19th
·     Talk about our ministry at Sunday school (Eastminster Presbyterian in Wichita)
19th to 26th
·     See friends in Wichita
27th or 28th
·     Leave Wichita for Orlando
March 1st
·     Arrive in Orlando and move into apartment (no phone yet)