Wednesday, February 11, 2009
I Can't Imagine Doing That

Esteban asked us what it’s like to "raise support for our salary and work-related expenses.

“I just can’t imagine going up to people and asking them for money,” he said.
“Look at it this way,” I replied. “Someone pays you and us for work we do, but here is the difference: the people who pay your salary are the people who directly benefit from your work as a psychologist and consultant; they pay for the service they receive, whereas in our case, the people who pay us are not the ones who receive the service. So the main difference between your income and ours is the motivation of person who gives it. In our case, their defining characteristics are generosity and altruism. We love being connected to them and serving others on their behalf.”
If you're interested how those funds were invested in 2008 click here.

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