Friday, June 30, 2006
Where Are We?

Have you ever had that feeling of momentary confusion when you wake up in the middle of the night in a new place and don't know where you are. Annette and I will have plenty of opportunities to experience that sensation over the next month since we will only get to sleep in our own beds 4 nights during the month of July.
Here's where we'll be:

  • July 1 - 5th: South Carolina visiting friends
  • July 6-8: New Jersey helping with Annette's sister's triplets while one has minor surgery
  • July 13-16: Lookout Mtn., TN, a friends' wedding gives us the chance to see family and friends
  • July 18-25: Santiago, Chile for Dimension Juvenil youth leaders convention
  • July 26-Aug 1st: Cochabamba, Bolivia for La Red, annual youth leaders training camp
  • Aug. 3-9: Guatemala City for Youth Specialties Central American conference
To view our travel itinerary, tracking us like an over-
protective parent, click here>>

Friday, June 23, 2006
Ain't a Feeling Like It in the World

Do you remember that cat herding ad that first appeared during the Superbowl in 2000? Our life was kind of like that from June 6th to June 17th as we herded a group of 13 Argentines around Orlando. (Just for the record, Argentines don’t scratch or shed but they sure aren’t sheep :-))

For more about the what and why of the visit read this article Annette wrote for the Northland newspaper.

For a glimpse into the transcendent purposes of the trip in the life of one of the Argentines read this letter by Camila.

In the memorialized words of cat herders who came before us, “It ain’t an easy job, but when you bring a herd into town and you ain’t lost a one of ‘em, there ain’t a feeling like it in the world.”

Sunday, June 04, 2006
Annette's Birthday

My favorite girl in the whole world celebrated her birthday today. It's one of those milestone birthdays... not 16 or 21, not 30 or 50 but somewhere in between those last two.

She's wittier and prettier than when she was 20, and oh so wiser. Posted by Picasa

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